GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Several flights out of Piedmont Triad International Airport were canceled or delayed on Sunday because of a power outage at the Atlanta airport.

Dozens of passengers waited at kiosks for several hours hoping to rebook flights.

Many of the flights canceled were through Delta Airlines.

"I knew something was wrong when I showed up and every kiosk had just long lines of people waiting," said Abby Grasso, who was in Greensboro for the weekend visiting a friend.

Grasso was planning to connect through Atlanta on her way to New York. She was able to rebook her flight for the following morning through another airport.

"A lot of people were freaking out who really had places to go and people to see, especially with the holidays," she said. "So I felt bad for them. Luckily, I'm pretty flexible with my schedule today."

Other passengers, like Anna Jones, were more upset. Jones waited at the airport for more than 7 hours.

"Just tired and ready to get to a hotel room because I know I'm not going anywhere tonight," Jones explained. "It's beyond frustration at this point. But there's nothing we can really do. We just have to wait it out."