WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Families in need of food assistance can now use their electronic benefits transfer card (EBT) at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market, according to the City of Winston-Salem.

The City says EBT users can receive tokens for how much they plan to spend at the farmers market.

The market office deducts from the EBT card balance, and then shoppers get tokens for that amount of money to pay the vendors.

Tokens are $1 each. Unspent tokens can be kept until the next visit, or turned back in at the office and the value will be put back on the card.

Vendors are not allowed to give change for token purchases due to federal SNAP guidelines.

Vendors CAN give change for purchases that are partly made with cash.

Tokens can not be used for nonfood items such as pet food, soaps, handmade items, household items, vitamins and minerals, grooming items, toothpaste or cosmetics.

For more information about the SNAP program at Fairgrounds Farmers Market, click here.