GREENSBORO, N.C. – A proposed budget by the Guilford County School System lists several cuts, including the operation of High School Ahead Academy – an accelerated middle school. On Monday night, the school board held a public forum to discuss the decision with parents and teachers.

By shutting down the school, GCS would save around $1.2 million. However, board members said it was a tough decision and the recent legislation mandating smaller class sizes, House Bill 13, forced them to find the money by make cuts like this.

One board member said the goal here is not to harm the children who go to High School Ahead. Wes Cashwell, who represents District 6 in Guilford County, told parents “not to give up on the district” and that students will “have a venue to continue to succeed” at their home schools.

High School Ahead Academy opened in 2007 for 8th grade students, but in 2014-15, the school added 6th grade. The school of about 100 students taught the curriculum of three years in two years.