Helping women lead their lives more confidently is important. But, what happens when there's jealousy? Jealousy can trigger a wide of feelings and sadly destroy relationships. It’s normal to feel threatened, angry, surprised when jealousy is directed at you. And confident women like you separate their emotions.

You understand that what someone thinks about you is none of your business. No matter how curious you are. You recognize that their jealousy is about them not you. When you re-frame their jealousy as their issue then you’re better able to handle your own feelings of anger, hurt or disillusionment. 

Jealousy is a reflection of what someone feels about themselves. Where they come up short. It isn’t about you. When you re-frame their jealousy from malicious to their own shortcomings then you can see them more compassionately.

One way you as a confident woman help someone who's jealous of you is by helping them achieve their goals. First, you figure out what they’re jealous of: your career, your income, your relationship, your vacation, your car. You silently or covertly help them figure out how to get what they want.

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