Here on the Good Morning Show, we take time every week to talk about women and confidence. This week we're talking about parenting. We always hear about raising strong girls. So this morning we're talking about raising sons. 

Confident moms like you know that the good 'ole days of telling boys to stuff their emotions are long over. Boys like girls should express all emotions including the negative ones. If your sons cries, allow him to express his sorrow. Releasing the sadness, anger or negativity is a good thing. When boys are told to stuff their emotions then the message is that emotions aren't good. And then you run the risk that they'll become callous. If boys see emotions as a sign of weakness then they could become less sensitive to other people. 

You as a confident mom know that teaching your son to become respectful starts when they're young. Your son learns to respect rules and people. This means talking nicely, treating people compassionately and solving interpersonal problems amicably. When your son isn't respectful of rules or people then there are consequences. 

Chivalry shouldn't be dead. Raise your son to be a gentleman, who opens doors, allows a lady to walk in door ahead of him and stand up when she either gets to or leaves the table. The If a lady declines his chivalrous behavior then that's her choice. Your son will not only talk, but act respectfully to a lady.

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