At some point, most women have heard variations of “Hey, baby.” “Why don’t you walk yourself over here.” These phrases are known as "cat calling". Cat calling is nothing new, but is offensive to some women. So if you don't like it then here are some tips to handle them.

1) Through direct eye contact and your physical stance you can send silent messages your disinterest and seriousness.

2) Use a firm voice to say, "Stop it.”  “Knock it off.” These words will let them know that you mean business. If you say, "thank you" as a way to be nice then in my opinion, you're giving the green light to continue cat calling. Thank you isn't stop it. 

3) If the cat calls keep coming and you find yourself getting angry then don't engage. Cut if off. Walk away. Make sure your eye is on them so you know if they’re following you.

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Blanca Cobb is a WFMY News 2 Contributing Editor, body language expert and keynote speaker/corporate trainer who covers nonverbal communication, psychology and behavior. Follow her @blancacobb. The opinions expressed in this article are exclusively hers.