Cheerwine is a North Carolina staple, and the company brought back its Cheerwine Punch for the holidays as part of the soft drink’s 100th anniversary.

Here are a few holiday treat ideas:

  • Traditional Cheerwine Punch recipe: Combine two 2-liter bottles of Cheerwine, one 2-liter bottle of ginger ale, and two 46-ounce cans of unsweetened pineapple juice. Serve in a drink dispenser or a punch bowl.
  • For Pinterest fans: Dress up a punch bowl by placing a holiday wreath around the base and create an ice ring in a bundt pan with fruit and Cheerwine Punch. When the ice melts, the punch keeps its flavor. If you don't want to use a punch bowl, float cranberries and mint leaves in a pitcher or keep drinks cool with frozen raspberries or frozen fruit “ice cubes.”
  • For adults: Mix one part Cheerwine Punch with one part Champagne for a sparkling southern treat.
  • Modify the classic Cheerwine float: Pour Cheerwine Punch over a scoop of sherbet or ice cream. Adding a few scoops of sherbet or ice cream to the punch bowl can also add a creaminess to a holiday punch.