3 Ways To Appreciate Your Spouse 

April is couples appreciation month and it's the perfect opportunity for couples to celebrate their love for each other. This morning, we want to help you spice up your love life.

Be spontaneous to spice up your love life. Make plans at the last minute whether it's dinner, exercise or trip.  Right now, you’re probably very regimented. You might make time, let's say for the second Tuesday of every month to do something. Yes, I know it’s difficult when you have kids. Remember that you and your spouse are the foundation of your family, which needs to be taken care of so it doesn't crack. 

Show your appreciation by complimenting and saying, "thank you". Yes, it's common sense. And yet. you’d be surprised how infrequently this happens. Tell how you feel about your spouse.  Tell them that they're attractive. Tell them that you're in love with them. Tell them that they're thoughtful, considerate, sexy. Thank them for helping with the "honey-do" list. These are just examples. Get specific with your spouse.

Everyone wants to be loved, valued, understood, accepted. So learn their love language. Dr. Gary Chapman developed 5 love languages:  touching, spending time together, receiving gifts, doing acts of service or saying words of affirmation. Speak your spouse's language so they feel loved and appreciated. Remember that their love language may not the be same as yours. 

3 Appreciation Secrets Of Successful Couples 

This month is couples appreciation month – where couples show how much they appreciate each other.The little things can keep your love life romantic and healthy.  

It's no secret that couples disagree from time to time. What can you do to keep the fighting to a minimum during arguments?

During tough conversations, keep the end game in mind. For many people, it’s not about being right; it’s about being validated. You want to be valued, understood and respected. One way to achieve this, is saying “I love you” during a tough talk. And it’ll feel a little odd because you’re airing your grievances, but saying, “I love you” re-focuses on the person not the issue, which should help you calm down any negative emotions. 

Body language can be incredibly beneficial to calm and soothe the waters during arguments. Touch is incredibly important because it has a calming effect. Touch can help you feel closer to your spouse.

Eye contact is underrated. When you say something important such as "I love you",  look directly at them. Imagine the emotional disconnect between when you say something important such as "I thought about you today", but aren't looking at your spouse. When you pair your words and your eye contact, it's much more powerful.