Chip and Joanna Gaines are the hosts of the show, Fixer Upper. They have a love story that folks are buzzing about. They announced they're having a fifth child and are making a decision to step away from the public eye and end their show after this season.

Chip and Joanna are so likable because they ooze love and affection for each other. They genuinely have fun, enjoy each other's company and don't take each other so seriously. If you think about it, many couples try to fix what they don't like about their partner, which is the opposite of the Gaines.

In the photo where Joanna has her foot in the air, Chip enjoys watching his wife's playful side. You can see his amusement and joy on his face. Joanna is grabbing onto his arm for support and closeness.

In the photo where they're looking at each other and she's grabbing his arm, she's physically getting closer to him. When you hold onto your partner's arm you tend to feel more loving in that moment. The arm hold also allows you to brush your body up against theirs.

In the photo of Chip kissing Joanna on the forehead, he's showing tender feelings for his wife. You kiss your partner on the forehead as a show of intimacy.

In the photo of the both of them in front of the greenery, the couple shows another tender moment by allowing their foreheads to touch. Joanna is leaning in with her heart; she's leading with her heart.

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*** A correction in the segment this morning on the Good Morning Show, Meghann said that I wrote an article for a publication, which I didn't. I was interviewed for a story in Good Housekeeping magazine on the body language of Chip and Joanna Gaines. I'm quoted in the article. I misunderstood what Meghann said on the show. ***