3 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid When Interacting With Your Boss

When to comes to your boss, you want to maintain a good relationship. Besides your work ethic, your body language can help. Subconsciously you might be sending confusing body language signal, which can undermine your relationship with your boss. There are times your boss will ask you to do something you don't want to do such as working late or taking on another project. If you're not careful then your body language will reveal what you really think about their request.

Here are three body language mistakes to avoid when interacting with your boss.

1. Pursed lips (looks like kissing lips) suggests disagreement. This means that you don't like what you're hearing or you don't want to share what you're thinking.

2. Keep your chin level. When you lift your chin up, you send the message of defiance, arrogance and superiority. This isn't a collaborative message that you want to send to your boss.

3. When you’re uncomfortable or stressed, your body will find a way to relieve the stress. Usually, one part of your body will touch another part of your body – a self-touch gesture. You may rub the back your neck or the front of your throat, for example.

3 Body Language Mistakes Bosses Should Avoid When Interacting With Employees

A good boss knows that bringing the best in the employees requires more than telling them what to do. One way to establish and maintain good relationships with employees is through nonverbal communication.

Here are three common body language mistakes bosses make when interacting with employees.

1. Bosses will unknowingly shut down their employees during conversations when they physically pull back. Leaning back suggests disinterest.

2. If bosses don't agree with what they're hearing or if they disagree then they may squint their eyes. And this serves to say, "I'm not buying it."

3. When the boss raises an eyebrow, what I call the brow of skepticism, then they're silently casting doubt on what you're saying.

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