When the weather heats up so can your personal temperature. When your body temperature rises, your blood pressure and heart rate can increase. Heat can make you irritable and you might have a shorter fuse and get irritated quicker.

Your body language can show your irritability.There’s a range of anger behaviors that can show in your body language. From harsh glares (squinted eyes) to tense jaw lines to flexed fingers and rigid postures. And your facial expressions like sneers are signs of anger.

Interestingly, you may not realize that you're feeling angry because of the heat. When you're hot and sweaty, you might feel tired, sluggish and lack energy. But, when you get reactive or snap at a frustrating situation then you realize then it might be because of the heat. So it's important to not get overheated to keep your composure. I'll give you the same advice as a physician to stay hydrated and stay cool.

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