September is self improvement month. So what is it that you’d like to improve about yourself? Your confidence, your communication skills or your first impression.

Whether you like it or not, you’re judged by your body language. From the way you carry yourself to the way you talk. And depending on what you show, people are deciding if you’re self-assured.

So, why not use body language tips to make the best impression.

1) The way you sit suggests whether you’re interested and engaged in a conversation. If you have your legs in the runner’s stance where one leg is in front of the other then you’re saying that you wanna go. Quick fix: have your legs side by side or crossed at the ankle.

2) Your hands are an emotional barometer. Hand and finger tension and stiffness suggest you’re not comfortable. Quick fix: relax your hands/fingers. Curved fingers. Lay down by your side, on table or chair rests.

3) Standing behind objects such as a table, chair or even a person makes you appear standoffish, disinterested, unsure. Quick fix: Stand in front of or beside the table or chair. You can even put your hand on it. And when it comes to people, stand beside someone.

These are a few body language moves to get you started. I’d love to hear your thoughts about projecting a great impression. Tweet me at Blanca Cobb. Or, email me at

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Blanca Cobb is a WFMY News 2 Contributing Editor, body language expert and keynote speaker/corporate trainer who covers nonverbal communication, psychology and behavior. Follow her @blancacobb. The opinions expressed in this article are exclusively hers.