GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Scott Silknitter from R.O.S. Therapy Systems discussed ways to involve your aging loved ones in gardening. He said gardening can be simple, therapeutic and fun even without leaving the house.
First, you need to know your loved ones abilities and find tools and creative ways for them to be successful.  
Next, decide what you are going to plant and where. Whether it's seeds or plants, there is always going to be something around the house to plant them in, such as modified two-liter bottles, mugs, tea boxes or empty jars. 
Silknitter also discussed dementia and communication. One of the most challenging moments caregivers face is when their loved one does not know who they are.  
In those moments, it is crucial to remember the keys to communication:
  • Be calm
  • Be flexible
  • Be guiding, but not controlling
When your loved one forgets who you are, it is not the time to say something mean because your feelings are hurt and you feel unappreciated, since chances are that would trigger a bad behavior.
Remember, be calm and flexible, and try engaging your loved one with things they are familiar with so you can connect.