Scott Silknitter from R.O.S. Therapy Systems says there are simple ways to make grocery trips less stressful for caregivers.
Many grocery stores offer curbside pick and payment, or even home delivery in certain markets
In the Triad, some of the bigger chains have a personal shopper service where they get all of the groceries you picked out online. You drive up to a designated pick-up area and they load your groceries and take your payment at the curb.
Typical fees look like:
  • Single Order - $4.95 per order
  • Monthly Subscription - $16.95 for 30 days of unlimited shopping
  • Annual Subscription - $99.00 for one year of unlimited shopping

Silknitter also discussed a unique way for caregivers to relax. He visited Abundant Life Wellness in Kernersville, where they have a flotation pod. It is a sensory deprivation tank filled with warm saltwater. 
The concept is that floating reduces external stimuli to help the body achieve a natural restorative state. The water is only a few inches deep, but because of the high level of salt you can float very easily.  
Silknitter said the people he spoke with who tired the pod said they couldn't tell where the water ended and the air started, which gave them a sensation of zero gravity 
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