GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Silver alerts are the first thing police issue when someone with dementia goes missing.

Most caregivers know how hard it can be to keep your loved one from wandering away. Thursday on the Good Morning Show, Scott Silknitter with R.O.S. Therapy Systems gave you ways to prevent them from roaming off.

"Folks suffering with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia can have a tendency to wander. Whether they are at home or out and about," said Silknitter.

Silknitter says there are many causes many of our aging loved ones wander. Some may be:

1. Pain, discomfort and agitation: Emotional pain and agitation are huge. If someone is not happy in their present situation or moment, they may try to get away.

2. Memory loss: As dementia robs someone of their short term memory, they may not recognize where they live and head out to seek places that were once familiar to them.

3. Disorientation: Maybe your loved one wakes at 5 o clock and they do not know if it is a.m. or p.m. so they walk around looking for the answer.

But no matter the reason, wandering happens. Here are three ways to keep them safe.

1. Alert your support group – Family members, caregivers, and especially neighbors that wandering may happen.
2. Take advantage of technology advances that your loved one can wear like a GPS watch
3. Prepare your home by using products to reduce wandering – Things like door monitors are a great way to alert you if a door has been opened.

There's even a camouflage door.

"It is an inexpensive tool to cover the door. Think of it as a door size sticker, that can hide the door. Several designs make the door look like a wall of book shelves or a wall of picture frames. These things are a great first line of defense to keep someone from leaving a room and wandering."

You can get in touch with Scott Silknitter at R.O.S. Therapy Systems by clicking here.

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