GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Scott Silknitter from R.O.S. Therapy Systems spoke on the Good Morning Show about one of the concerns millions of caregivers have: how to communicate with their loved one.

He discussed validation, which is a technique developed as an attempt to understand the emotions a person with some form of dementia is expressing and let caregivers respond in a way that encourages the person to express their emotions freely.

Another term for validation is the “therapeutic lie.” It allows the caregiver to enter their loved one’s world and lets them live their loved one’s truth.


Silknitter also shared tips on preventing your loved one from falling.

He said falls usually happen because of an underlying issue such as muscle weakness, balance or blood pressure issues, visual impairments or reactions to medications.

Silknitter said its especially important to monitor medications, since often times an elderly person has multiple medications. Folks need to speak with their primary care doctor about all of their medications. He also recommends speaking with a pharmacist.

Scott Silknitter can be reached at ROS Therapy Systems by calling 1.888.352.9788. Their address is 3709 Alliance Drive, Greensboro, NC. You can also contact them by email.