When life changing events happen such as the destruction left by Hurricane Harvey, it can impact your relationship with your significant other.

I have a few suggestions on communicating during tough times so you and your partner make it through.

When disaster strikes, you tend to think about the physical and financial impact of natural disasters. But, you may not realize that this stress can wreck havoc on your romantic relationships. The internal stress you feel about rebuilding your home, fixing property, getting your life back to normal can put a tremendous amount of strain on your relationship.

As you know, you tend to take your frustrations out of those you love. Keeping the stress, the negative emotions to yourself will reach a boiling point and spill you’re your relationship causing big problems. During rough times, you should focus on your partner and rely on each other for support.

Here are some tips to help you do just that –

1. FORECAST - Let your partner know what’s going on for you. What you’re feeling. How this situation is affecting you. And how this stress might show itself in your relationship. Giving the insider information opens a conversation of ways you two can handle the emotional tide.
2. SHOW your partner that they’re still in the forefront of your mind. When you’re stress you might focus all energy to solving problems and getting life back to normal that you ignore the most important person to you. Make time to physical comfort – a touch when you’re walking by, a caress after a kiss, a light squeeze when you’re sitting beside each other. Touch increases bonding and releases feel good hormones.
3. TURN TOWARDS YOUR PARTNER instead of turning away from your partner during times of stress. Dealing with reconstructing your life shouldn’t be isolating. A smile, a glance, reassuring words will give you strength during challenging times.

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