We all love being in love, but we all know relationships take work.

Most couples deal with problems in their relationship, but some don't know if they want to invest the time to fix it.

Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist Jill White-Huffman joined the Good Morning Show to shares tips on changes that needs to happen for couples to move forward.

Jill talked about the cycle of change which is the cycle of motivation to change. It is six steps that begin with the first thought to change to maintaining a new lifestyle.

Jill says the first signs of change include precontemplation and contemplation which is the decision to accept that there is a problem and making the decision to take the next step to change. The first two steps influence the next step which is preparation. Preparation is the idea to plan change which prompts the next step which is action. Action is acting on your plans to change.

When couples and individuals apply the steps to change, you might wonder how can they maintain living in their new life? Jill says the final step in which couples and individuals makes their change a lifestyle and makes an effort to live a new life.

Jill White-Huffman, Licensed Professional Counselor & Marriage Family Therapist

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