Brace yourself: you're about to be bombarded by hundreds of Facebook pictures -- from Christmas presents to holiday vacations to seemingly picture-perfect families.

If 2017 wasn't such a great year for your family, seeing evidence of other people's happiness can conjure feelings of jealousy or frustration.

'Debt Sucks' speaker and author Ja'Net Adams explains, "This time of year is the worst, and it can cause you to enter into a feeling of why. Why don't I have this, or why can't I buy that? It has happened to all of us at one point and time..."

So, Adams has created a three-step guide to combating the Christmas blues.


"Many of us have more than enough, and yet during this time of the year we want more. The problem is if you can't financially afford it, you become sad and depressed. During the next few weeks of the Christmas season, think over 2017 and all that you have accomplished. Then look around your home and see all that you already have and think of those who do not have the same. You will experience thankfulness, and it will make this time of the year easier."


"Those with real wealth don't flash things all over social media. They dress in regular clothes and drive old cars. (Maybe) they have unpaid credit card bills that may take them all of 2018 to pay off. Don't believe everything you see!"


"If you really want something and you didn't have the money for it this year, then make a goal to have it next year. If it is truly your dream to travel to Europe for a week in 2018, then make it happen by planning. How much does the flight cost? How much is the hotel? Map out the dream and save for it."