Fall is in the air, and on the ground! The leaves are starting to change color and pile up in your yard.

Micki Bare with Piedmont Parent stopped by the Good Morning show, to share ways to use those leaves to do some crafting with your kids.

Fall placemats:

  • Collect an assortment of colorful leaves
  • Arrange them between two pieces of waxed paper
  • Put a dish towel underneath and on top, and then run a hot iron over it for a minute or two
  • The wax will transfer to the leaves, keeping them bright and enjoyable for quite a while
  • Use colorful duct tape to make borders for your placemats

Leaf people:

  • You'll need: leaves, glue, wiggly sticky eyes, yarn and straps of fabric
  • Lay the leaf in front of you with the stem edge down (stem pointing towards you)
  • Cut pieces of yarn and glue it along the top edge of the leaf to be the hair
  • Glue on the wiggle eyes just below the hair line
  • Use the scrap pieces of fabric and cut out the appropriate shapes for clothes
  • Glue the clothes on and set your leaf people aside to dry

Leaf rubbings:

  • Great for younger kids
  • Pick out a big, nice shaped leaf
  • Place it on a flat surface, then cover it with a piece of paper
  • Color over it with a crayon, and the leaf will magically appear!

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