Motivate Yourself To Exercise

Before you know it, summer will be here. And this means that you’ll be wearing your summer clothes – shorts, skirts, dresses, which for many of you is a reminder about your long forgotten New Year’s Resolution to exercise. So, how do you get yourself motivated again?

Jump start your exercise routine by figuring out what motivates you. Is it for health reasons: weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart health? Or, vanity reasons: you want to look good or sexy. Or, for social reasons: getting social support while exercising or making new friends.

You can start by finding an exercise that you like to do. You don't have to be in the weight room to start. Can be racquetball, basketball, running. Can be group exercise (my favorite). Can be walking on trails. Doesn’t have to be traditional workouts. If you have young kids – jogging with them in a stroller. Run with your dog. You can find creative ways to exercise.

Inevitably, you'll lose motivation to workout. So plan for this loss of motivation before it happens.Think of it as an emergency plan for exercise. Think about when and why you might lose motivation and counter act it. If it’s time of day when you’ll be feeling tired. If it’s when you’re overwhelmed with work. Find solutions before you use excuses to stop exercising.

Use Body Language For An Image Boost 

Earlier this morning, we talked about finding the motivation to start exercising. But, let’s say you know you’re not going to work out. Is there anything you can do to camouflage those problem spots?

To camouflage a muffin top, you can give the appearance of an elongated torso, where your belly flattens out just a little, with a straight posture. Shoulders back, head up.

To minimize the appearance of wide hips, stand with your hips turned slightly front to back with one foot back. This way your hips aren’t completely in the horizontal plane.

To minimize the flabby arm look, use small, controlled movements when moving your arms.

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