GREENSBORO, NC -- By now, most downtown Greensboro visitors have noticed an unusual sight on Spring Garden Street -- clothes hanging from a fence. The sign on the fence reads take one of you need one, leave one if you can.

The clothes fence is the site of Project Warmth. 16 Cents Ministry came up with the idea around Christmastime to give people in need an outlet to get warm clothes -- no questions asked.

The idea took off, and dozens of strangers dropped off and hung up clothing donations. In recent weeks, as the unseasonably warm weather hit the Triad, the enthusiasm slowed down. The fence, in turn, looks relatively bare. 16 Cents director Mike Murray believes people might have forgotten it's still winter, and March is North Carolina is unpredictable.

16 Cents Ministry is doing one final push for clothing donations before concluding the project this spring.

To donate, simply drop off a donation at the fence: 201 Spring Garden St., Greensboro.

Donations can be tax-deductible. Contact 16 Cents Ministry for a tax receipt. E-mail or call 336-580-1566.