Fireworks are at the heart of 4th of July celebrations. And as much as we love the spectacular displays, the loud noises can be quite scary for children. Some kids may not tell their parents that they’re scared. What are some body language signs of fear.

Some kids try to be very brave when they hear the loud bangs of the fireworks. As a parent, you want to watch your kids for the silent signs of fear so you can help reassure them. Having kids who hate fireworks or who have nightmares about them isn’t the goal.

Crying and screaming of obvious signs of fear. But, there are a few subtle body language signs of fear to watch for in your kids.
1) When they're scared, they might pull your arms and legs inwards as a way to protect themselves.
2) Hands show tension. So your kids might hold their hands rigid or close them tightly.
3) When they're fearful or anxious, they're blink rate can increase.

If you see these signs in your kids then give them a hug, get closer to them and touch them. Maybe even pick them up in your arms. Touch can be a physical reassurance that they’re ok. Also, be sure to talk to them about the fireworks and ask what was scary.

Both of my children didn’t like loud noises when they were little. So I bought head phones that muffled sounds and it worked like a charm.

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