GREENSBORO, N.C. - Don't text and drive. It could save your life.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 660,000 people use electronic devices while driving during the day and 3,477 people died back in 2015 because of distracted driving.

Greensboro police are focused on saving lives and preventing deadly distracted driving crashes.

Last month, police started a campaign called "Drive and Text, Lights are Next."

The campaign focused on the deadly habit of texting while driving through expanded enforcement efforts, education, and daily social media posts on the topic.

"A phone is no longer just a phone anymore," said Traffic Safety Officer A.D. Reed. "There's so many things it does with apps, and everything else, and we're trying to catch up with that."

The campaign will warp up with a live-crash re-enactment at Northern Guilford High School on Thursday.

More than 500 students will get an up-close look at the tragic consequences of texting while driving.

"The live crash scenario is extremely realistic," said Officer JB Price, Traffic Safety Educator. "This simulation includes police, fire, and EMS managing the fatal accident scene just as if it were real. We will be moving at the same speed, using the same equipment, and taking the same actions as if this were an actual crash."

The live crash scenario begins at 3:05 pm in the parking lot adjacent to the tennis courts at Northern Guilford High School.