Being in a happy and healthy relationship with a loved one is important and often it takes a lot of work and commitment to get to a good place.

Relationship expert Jill White-Huffman explains this topic on the Good Morning Show.

Why is happiness the result of a healthy relationship?

Jill says happiness equals covenant as it relates to relationship and couples strive to develop a unified purpose that meets needs; as well as, provides importance, belonging and mutual respect.

What are some warning signs that may indicate your relationship is in trouble?

Lack of intrapersonal relationship 1st. Interpersonal relationships requires Intrapersonal relationship 1st. “Relationships are not designed to solve loneliness concerns or erase unresolved issues.”

Conflict in roles in the relationship. One person having all of the control, making all of the decisions can result in one or both partners refusing to work together at becoming one.

Remaining together because of convenience, finance, children and/or selfish desires. Abandonment from one or both partners occurs when couples remain together for these reasons.

What are some of the key components of a healthy relationship?

a. Male’s role: to love his woman by massaging her heart.

b. Female’s role: to respect her man by massaging his head “Esteem Him”

c. Visual Appearance– Look your very best for your partner

d. Commitment – Give your relationship your very best

e. Support – Make yourself available while affirming desires, ambitions and interest

f. Loyalty – You are trustworthy and reliable

Relationship Expert: Jill White-Huffman

Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist

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