Earlier on the show, we talked about reasons some kids have a hard time staying drug or alcohol free. Since it’s National Edge Day, a movement that encourages people to stay away from drugs and alcohol, we want to help parents keep their kids away from drugs and alcohol.

One of the ways to help your kids stay away from drugs and alcohol is to teach them to handle stress. When you’re stressed you’re more vulnerable to make poor choices. You’ll find ways to cope that aren’t necessarily safe or healthy. Telling your kid to “chill out” doesn’t teach them what to do. Teach them to problem solve. When your kids can problem solve then they’ll feel more in control of their lives.

As a parent, take the blame; be the scape goat. Let your kids blame you. It can make it easier for your kids to save face and get out of situations easier.

Before your kid goes out with friends, talk about the dangers of experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Let them know that if they decide to do drugs or drink alcohol that they can call you to pick them up. You'll make sure that they get home safe. No lectures that night. The next day you can have a conversation about the night before.

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