GREENSBORO, NC -- You've never seen robots like this before! High school students are meeting in Greensboro to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

The teams build a robot in just six weeks and form alliances with other teams to complete a series of tasks. This year's theme "STEAMworks" is steam punk inspired. The robots, controlled by students, have to pick up balls, plastic gears and climb a rope. Each task they complete earns them points.

WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner got a sneak peak at three local team's robots. Some of the teams, like Triple Strange from Greensboro, have been around for 12 years. Team Platyπ, with some members from Grimsley High School and The Early College at NCA&T, has been together for six years. All students competing are eligible for scholarship money.

The competition is happening March 10th and 11th from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. It's in Fleming Gym on the campus of UNCG. Admission is absolutely free.