The day after Christmas can be a mad dash to stores to make gift returns of gifts you didn't like or want. And if you thought Christmas shopping was bad, waiting in lines for returns can be much worse.

The biggest issue with gift returns is being impatient. Particularly, the first few days after Christmas, when you're still on vacation, you're rushing to make returns. When you're rushing, you tend to be more impatient.

Even though you might talk in a pleasant tone of voice, your body language might reveal your impatience. You can fidget, roll eyes, show a fake smile, sigh deeply or blow out your breath, tap feet or talk through tight lips.

Best way to manage your frustrations is to have realistic expectations. This means understanding that there will be wait times and crowds to deal with. Give yourself distractions while you're waiting in lines: call a friend to chat, type an email, send a text, put on ear buds and listen to music, take deep breaths to calm yourself. You can also do nothing for two minutes, which research has demonstrated decreases your frustrations.

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