GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Guilford County Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development is offering several summer camps. Most camps are for kids ages 9 to 13. You can register by going to this link.

The 4-H University will be June 19-21. Kids will learn about animals, cooking, crafts, and science. Each day will be filled with hand-on learning.

The Discovery Camp is June 26-30. Kids will explore plans, rockets, cooking manner, and much more. They will even enjoy a tear party at the O'Henry Hotel to practice manners. 

Let's Bake Camp will be July 5-7. Kids will learn the science behind making breads and pastries. 

There will be a Sewing Workshop from July 10-14. Kids will learn the basics of sewing.

Then there is the 4-H Investigates Camp on July 17-19. Kids will become a detective to solve a murder mystery using blood typing, fingerprint analysis, hair analysis, blood spatter, and DNA evidence.

The Cooking 101 Camp will be July 25-27. Kids will learn about food and kitchen safety.

4-H Robotics Camp will be August 8-10. Kids will gain an understanding of basic science related to robotics while developing skills in STEM,

Finally, Mystery Tour Camp will be August 12-16. Kids will take day camps around Guilford County exploring historical and interesting sites. 

For more information on all camp see the below slide show.