GREENSBORO, NC -- Graduation season is in full swing! But experts say there’s good news for the Class of 2017! According to CareerBuilder, 74 percent of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year, up from 67 percent last year and the highest outlook since 2007.

The question is: how do you get those jobs? Dennis Marcotte, Recruiting Manager for Robert Half Finance and Accounting, joined Lauren Melvin on the Good Morning Show with some tips and suggestions.

Grads can increase their chances of finding work in this economy by being flexible and creative during their job search. Good ideas include networking (online and in person) and having a clean & simple resume. It should be kept to one page, and avoid long sentences and paragraphs. You also want to have a trusted advisor look over the resume for tone and typos and provide interview feedback. Applicants should also clean up all of their social media accounts, and be prepared to five a 30 second elevator pitch. It's a description of who you are, the kind of job you're looking for, and why you'd be a great addition to the team.

To stand out from other job seekers, applicants should include accomplishments on a resume and job application materials. Those can include major school projects, internships, summer jobs, volunteer opportunities, etc..

He also shared the top 6 questions you hear from new grads looking for their first job:

1. Q: I don’t meet all of the requirements listed in the job description. Should I apply anyway?

A: If you meet three-quarters of the requirements, apply for the job.

2. Q: I have a great internship. How can I approach the firm about parlaying this into a full-time role?

A: Talk with your manager sooner rather than later. Be flexible as to what the entry-level position may look like.

3. Q: The career I’m interested in has nothing to do with my major. How do I start my search?

A: Branch out to gather the information and resources you need. Tap professors for ideas and use the resources at your college career center. Ask classmates if their older siblings or parents can advise you.

4. Q: I can’t get a job without experience, yet I can’t get experience without a job. What should I do?

A: Highlight the experience you do have, especially roles that show your soft skills and customer service abilities, as employers place a high value on them.

5. Q: The well-known firm I want to work for just turned me down. Should I keep trying to get in there?

A: Thank the hiring manager for considering you and ask if he or she will keep the door open in the future.

6. Q: The salary for my first job offer seems low. Do I have any leverage to negotiate?

A: Yes. Research market rates for similar roles, and emphasize your ask based on these findings.

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