GREENSBORO, NC -- Springtime is here and that means warmer weather, time outside in the garden and beautiful spring plants. This time of year brings gorgeous flowers but all of the upkeep can be intimidating. That's why WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner took your spring planting to questions to the experts at Plants and Answers: The Big Greenhouse in Greensboro.

Larry Richardson knows a garden-full about, well, gardens. He owns Plants and Answers Florist and The Big Greenhouse. Richardson gave WFMY News 2 a few tips to make your home and garden flourish this spring.

First, the latest trends. Richardson says one potted plant can go a long way and take on a variety of looks. A flexi-pot or convertible pot is a empty pot inside a decorative pot. You can have the potted plant by itself or put another plant, such as an orchid or hydrangea, inside the empty pot to give it a whole new look. To get a better idea check out the video below.

Next, taking care of indoor plants may seem daunting. A water schedule and making sure a plant has all the sunlight it needs can be a headache but a new trend doesn't need too much attention - succulents. Succulent plants hold water in their leaves so they only need to be fed once every two weeks. Richardson says millennials love the easy plants because they work well with busy schedules.

If you're all about low - maintenance plants try Valencias. The flower is in the Bromeliad Family and are easy to keep because they feed  off the air. Richardson says Chinese Evergreens and Peace Lilies are also great to keep in your home because, "they'll tell you when to water them."

Now let's move outside with container gardens - multiple plants in the same pot. Richardson says a good container garden has a spiller, a filler and a thriller. Each plant in the needs to have a similar water and sunlight schedule so their roots can grow together.

Hydrangeas are great spring plants. Richardson says you can keep them inside the home for an Easter centerpiece and then plant them in the garden for a bush that will return year after year. Plants in the Bromeliad Family can last in the home for up to three months because they retain moisture for the air. They can also go outside to decorate your porch just in time for springtime sitting.

Richardson and his team are busy preparing for the High Point Furniture Market this spring. They supply multiple vendors with plants to decorate their showrooms. After the market is over Richardson brings the plants back to Plants and Answers and sells them at discount prices. The sell is happening April 28th and 29th.

Plants and Answers: The Big Greenhouse is located at 3600 Spring Garden Street. The florist location is at 700 W Market Street.