A lot of us came from small towns across the Piedmont and we all know how an economically challenged may need a little help getting its folks back on their feet.

Most of the images we have seen have been from the city of Houston but a local group of businesses decided to help the smaller areas.

They located Plum Grove and Patton Village in rural Texas. They were COMPLETELY devastated from the hurricane. Many had no home insurance. And now they are starting completely over.

We spoke to Deborah Proehl-Moser who is spearheading the effort. She says they are trying to fill a tractor trailer and then drive it down to the area. The difference in this campaign is that there's no office overhead as with other charities....evry dollar is actually sent to help.

Here’s how it will work.

They are collecting new items (no used items, please) from Wednesday through Sunday of this week at the following locations during their regular business hours:

Proehlific Park at 4517 Jessup Grove Road in Greensboro.

Blue Ridge Companies at 5826 Samet Drive in High Point from (This location only does Wednesday – Friday).

Summerfield Farms at 3203 Pleasant Ridge Rd in Summerfield. Wednesday through Sunday during normal business hours.

List of items needed: Non perishable food, Cases of Water, toiletries, new pillows and blankets, cleaning supplies, leather work gloves, inflatable mattresses, hand sanitizer and box fans, flip flops school supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Food Item ideas: pop-tarts, cereal bars, fruit cups, peanut butter and jelly, assorted crackers and any other non perishable foods. If you’d like to help animals. bags of dry dog and cat food, blankets.

You can also call Deborah at (336) 324-6134 to help.