Eric has hit the road with his selfie stick and today he takes us to a long time restaurant with a new feel.

Liberty Oak is an institution in Greensboro. People have dined here for 37 years! But now the former head chef is living out his life long dream by buying out the owner and creating something that he hopes will keep the traditional favorites of the restaurant while adding his flair to some new dishes.

There's also some history there as well. says that Liberty Oak Restaurant and Bar in Greensboro was named among a list of 12 historic North Carolina restaurants by They attributed that to the 124-year-old building where it resides.

The building was constructed in 1883 and is the oldest commercial building in downtown.

According to Liberty Oak's website, the Vernon Building where Liberty Oak is located front Elm Street and is "the oldest building remaining in the Old Greensborough Historic District." It once housed the Vanstory Clothing Company.

They are located at at 100-D W. Washington Street in downtown Greensboro. Their phone number is (336) 273-7057 and their website is