Mother's Day: Fixing Broken Relationship With Mom 

It’s no secret that mother-daughter relationships are complicated. And if you're on the outs with you mom, here are ways to fix your relationship. 

The biggest obstacle in fixing mom-daughter relationships is the blame game. Instead of figuring out who's right or wrong, put your in understanding each other and solving the problem. 

Speaking of the problem, separate the issue from your emotions. As emotions tends to drag out problems. If you don't feel valued, respected, or accepted that give specific examples. You might say something like, "I don't feel like you approve of me because you constantly criticize my decisions." Also, be sure to see the situation from your mom's point of view. 

A common reason it's hard to let go of the hurt is because the one person who knows you so well can hurt you the most. You have expectations, perhaps unrealistic, that they won’t or couldn’t or shouldn’t hurt you or make you mad. And when it happens you feel disillusioned or duped.

Mother’s Day: Single Moms Re-Create Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is a special time to celebrate your mom. What better way to spend Mother’s Day with your kids. But, what if you’re a single mom? Planning the day alone might be rough for single moms. Looking for a positive, you and your kids can create the day however you want. Celebrate the time you have with your kids, whether it's cooking, hiking, watching movies. 

It can be lonely if your kids aren't with you on Mother's Day. Perhaps, they're with their dad because of the visitation schedule. Schedule a call or Facetime if possible. Or, spend time with family, friends and other single moms who aren't spending the day with their kids either. Volunteering is a great way to spend your time where you're helping others. 

As much as you like surprises, you might not have that option anymore when it comes to gifts. You might have to help your kids make you a card. Or, you might take them to the store so they can buy you a gift. Or, brainstorm ways that you can spend quality time together enjoying what you like most. The gift of togetherness is priceless.

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