We all know that relationships can be hard.and when they get too tough we may think the love is broken and the relationship should call it quits. Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist Jill White-Huffman joins the good morning show to give her expertise on the topic.

So is it possible to repair a broken relationship?

Jill says yes. It is always helpful for couples to work on past and present issues that caused one or both of them to feel hopeless about future relationship success.

How can couples get excited about their future with one another once they make the decision to move forward?

Accept that what has happened in the past cannot be changed and look at what was gained or learned from the experience. You can also choose to expect great things from one another, let your guards down and enjoy present moments you have with one another.

What are some helpful suggestions to couples who desire to move forward but continue to be stuck in one or more areas?

Jill advises you to keep in mind that moving forward is a decision and requires time, work and patience. Think of those stuck areas as a piece of the puzzle. Before a puzzle is put together properly all of the pieces must be put in their proper place. The same applies to restoring and maintaining a healthy relationship. Certain aspects of a relationship have to been worked on separately to resolve issues.

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