WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- Walk inside Providence Restaurant, and you'll see a chic modern dining room and beautiful entrees. But look closely at your bill, and you'll notice something unusual: no tip line. Then, talk to your server, and you'll find out this restaurant isn't about making a profit: it's about changing lives.

Providence Restaurant is what staff and patrons call "a hidden gem" in Winston-Salem. It operates on the motto: "Feed your appetite. Nourish your community."

It opened in October 2015 and is one of the only non-profit restaurants in the country.

"They (diners) get great food -- farm to fork cuisine, and they get to support the mission at the same time," said executive chef Jeff Bacon.

Bacon said all proceeds from meals go toward Second Harvest Food Bank and Triad Community Kitchen, a culinary training program in which unemployed or underemployed aspiring chefs work alongside professional chefs and get real career training. Several of the program's students and residents have overcome serious life challenges.

"It has changed my life, my kids' life my family's life, and I'm very grateful," said chef resident Chasity Williams.

The restaurant relies on outside donations and help from the adjoining Double Tree hotel to cover operating costs, so the mission of giving back can be priority.

"We do catering, we get to meet different people, we help out different people -- homeless families in need of food -- it's very heartwarming and touching," said chef resident Chasity Williams.

Interested in dining at or donating to Providence Restaurant? Make a reservation here or call 336-744-3456.