CLEMMONS, NC -- New year, new resolutions. We hear it every January, "This year I'm going to..." For most people it's getting in shape or getting healthy but Google says the second most searched resolution is getting organized.

That's why WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner went to a pro. Breanna Griffin of Hiffin Organizing in Forsyth County says the start of the year is always busy for her. She's a professional organizer. Yes, she will organize your belongings for you.

But if you're looking for some tips to do it yourself, she says start with the process. When Breanna goes into a new project, whether it be de-cluttering a closet, pantry, kitchen or entire home, she always uses this four-step process.

Step One: Sort. If you are tackling a closet in disarray, Breanna suggests sorting your clothing by characteristics like sleeve length or color.

Step Two: Purge and Remove. Once your items are sorted, figure out what you have an excess of. Maybe you see that you have too many black T-shirts once your closet is sorted. Breanna says to get rid of them and free up some space.

Step Three: Assess What Needs To Be Organized. Once you see what's leftover, figure out what you want to get in order.

Step Four: Buy, Create and Gather Supplies For A System. Now that you know what needs to be organized, how do you want to organize it? Maybe for a closet it's new shelving or hangers. Breanna says create a system you and the entire family can stick to.

Breanna also gave some easy tips and tricks to organize your home and make it more efficient:

  • Try a "catch all" bowl right by the door for your keys, phone and any bills that need to be paid within the next few days.
  • Put your kid's items, like cups or lunchboxes, in a lower cabinet where they can reach them. Organize them according to your system and make sure your family knows where everything goes.
  • Utilize furniture. Ottomans can be used to store blankets or other items in your home.