Today is National Edge Day, which is a movement that adopted the name from the song, “Straight Edge,” by the punk rock band Minor Threat. The movement is about staying away from drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes, staying away from drugs and alcohol can be tricky for kids.

Here are a few reasons why…

1) Stress. Kids don’t know how to effectively deal with life’s headaches. Whether it’s pressure to get good grades, be the best athlete, deal with family problems, friendship issues. They find a temporary fix and a short-lived escape in drugs and alcohol.

2) Fit In. Friends have an overwhelming influence on kids’ behaviors. When they want to fit in and to be a part of the group, kids can go to extremes for that acceptance. It’s too lonely to be an outcast.

3) Illusion of "just once". Kids have a false sense of invincibility where they believe that they can’t get addicted; they’re not gonna get caught; or they have the mindset of “What can happen?”

These are just a few reasons why some kids don’t walk away so easily from drugs and alcohol.

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