Truffle Aioli


1. 2 ounces Fresh Parsley chopped super fine

2. 16 ounces Mayo

3. 12 ounces Sour Cream

4. 2 ounces Lemon Juice

5. 2 ounces Roasted Garlic

6. 1 tbsp Spice Sea Salt with Truffle

7. 1 tbsp White Truffle Oil

8. 1 tbsp Black Pepper


1. Gather and measure all ingredients

2. Working on a green cutting board, remove stems from parsley

3. Very finely mince parsley, and lay out on paper towel to dry for 10 minutes

4. Meanwhile, in a large SS mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, except parsley

5. Whisk until thoroughly combined, being sure to scrape down sides of bowl with rubber spatula have way through 6. Add parsley and mix until just combined

Magic Mushroom Burger


1. 7 ounce Burger Patty

2. 1 Brioche Bun with butter

3. 2 ounces Wild Mushroom sauteed

4. 2 Slices Swiss Cheese

5. Arugula

6. Truffle Aioli


1. To order, place one burger on the grill and season with burger seasoning mix

2. While burger cooks, butter bun on butter wheel and toast to order (see bun toasting procedure)

3. When burger is one temp below requested temperature, heat mushrooms on flat top

4. While mushrooms reheat, top burger with 2 slices of swiss cheese and dome to melt

5. Once cheese is melted top with hot mushrooms

6. Assemble burger in the following order:

Bottom Bun


Burger w/ Melted Cheese

Wild Mushrooms

Truffle Cream Spread on Top Bun

Serve open-face