We're cooking up some delicious dishes this Sudnay with La Fiesta! On the menu: Chile Relleno and the signautre La Fiesta Quesadilla. Chef Aldo Hernandez brings you these recipes. Enjoy!

Chile Relleno

½ pound cooked, seasoned and drained ground beef
3 poblano peppers (large)
2 cups of cheese (American shredded)
2 cups of tomatoe based sauce
Rice and beans (optional)

Grill on flame poblano peppers until skin is black, sparkle some salt and wrap them in plastic film or bag and let then rest for ½ an hour then take all black skin off, cut one side and take all seed out. Then fill with meat and return it to its regular shape and cover with sauce then cheese, bake 5 min to 350 d.
Serve three in a plate with a set of rice and beans as garnish.

La Fiesta Quesadilla

2 super large flour tortillas
½ pounds of chorizo (Mexican sausage)
2 chicken breast cut in steaks as thin as best
2 cup shredded American cheese

Grilled chorizo until color change, grilled chicken brest until golden color, in a pan to a medium hot put some butter and one tortilla, on top of that cheese, chicken chorizo and more cheese in that order, the cover it with other tortilla and flip the whole pie to make cheese melted on both sides and tortilla is a little crispy.
Cut in four parts and serve.