When searching for that perfect person to be in a relationship with, there are some things to keep in mind.

Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist Jill White-Huffman says relationships should compliment not complete each other.

Jill talks about reasons why self-love is the foundation before starting a healthy relationship.

She says having self-love most often help individuals to discern what love is and what's not. It may allow you to be able to feel whole with or without having a partner and it may also prevent you from being in a relationship for the wrong reasons such as to fill voids.

After building the foundation, here are some questions that may be helpful to ask when seeking the right partner.

Jill says you may want to ask your partner questions that relates to long-term goals and ideas of their partners. Asking these types of questions may be helpful in giving you knowledge on what your spouse desires and what they are searching for.

Here are some things that may be done within the relationship that compliments your spouse.

Each person requires specific needs.

Tips for men- Be honest, allow her to develop herself, and be spontaneous.

Tips for women- Engage in his hobbies. Support him domestically such as maintaining a comfortable living environment and showing respect by speaking highly of him to others.

Jill White-Huffman - Licensed Professional Counselor & Marriage Family Therapist.

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