Signs Your Teen Might Be Lying To You

As parents, you raise your kids to tell the truth. But, we know that kids, like all of us, tell lies from time to time. So how can you spot the lies your kids tell?

Here are 3 possible signs that your teen might be hiding the truth.

1) Body blocking. Where they're putting something in between you and them – glass, book, hand bag, chair, table to create emotional distance.

2) Contrary to popular belief, your teen's body movements might actually decrease.

3) Some teens might cover their mouth or eyes.

Keep in mind that there's no one universal sign of lying. These hotspots let you know something is off. It’s up to you to ask clarifying questions.

Difference Between Teens Who Act Like Goofballs Vs. Trouble Makers

A big question parents often face is whether their teenager is getting into trouble. Some teens act like goofy balls that is clowning around or being silly.

A teen that wants to be funny or play jokes just wants a laugh. A teen acting like a troublemaker tends to break rules or even the law without regard for boundaries.

Many times you can get a sense of your teen's intent by watching how they react when they get in trouble. For the teen acting like a goof ball, they'll cut back or cut out their behavior. When the laughs are gone then they tend to lose their motivation for being funny. Teens acting as trouble makers aren't fearful of consequences or parental disappointment. They'll typically find another way to continue their behavior.

Generally speaking, teens who are acting like goof balls will have open body language. Might show facial expressions of surprise or guilty when they realize that they’re getting out of hand. Troublemakers tend to show defiant body language – chin up, big postures and turn away from authority.

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