Is your goal this year to start your own business...or go full-time as an entrepreneur?

Statistically, if your start-up idea is like most, it won't materialize -- unless you act on three key steps.

Debt Sucks University author Ja'net Adams joined the Good Morning Show Friday to share how to turn your start-up idea into a successful business.

1) Be present at your employer.

"Even though you are trying to start a business, you still need to be present at your current job -- not just in attendance but in productivity. That job is paying you to work during that 9 to 5, and if you let your business distract you from that, you could lose that job. This will not be good because you need the money to pay bills until your business is fully sustainable."

2) Wake up earlier.

"You are probably wondering when am I going to have time to work on my business. You are going to sleep less. You need to plan on working on your business either early in the morning, like 4-7 a.m., or at night 8-11 p.m. If you are really serious, you will do both."

3) Make sure your money is right.

"This is where people struggle the most. Before you leave that job, make sure you have at least six to 12 months of expenses saved. Also, if you are not out of debt, please be close to being out of all consumer debt before becoming a full-time entrepreneur. This will make sure you never have to take on bad clients or go back to work."

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