Eric Chilton takes us to the GAA Classic Car auction to show us some of the incredible cars you will find there this weekend. There is something for everybody's wallet at this show but you will also see a few that you may never see again.

The auction takes place today through Saturday at The Palace located at 301 Norwalk Street in Greensboro. General admission is $15 per person per day, Children under 5 are free. Parking is free with over 2,000 spaces available!

NO outside food allowed. And for safety reasons no strollers or pets.



Buyers, sellers and those wearing “badges” are welcome for dinner at 5pm.

Doors open to the general public at 6pm.

Thursday night’s auction will consist of classic memorabilia at no reserve and 75 vehicles

Friday & Saturday

Gates open at 8:00 am with the auction beginning promptly at 10:00 am

If you have questions you can send an email to or call 1-855-862-2257