GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Planning for your child's financial future starts at birth or maybe even before. WFMY News 2's money expert Ja'Net Adams joined WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain on the Good Morning Show with some money tips for mommies-to-be.

"It might be their first child it may be their third, either way, there are money tips that will help them prepare for their financial future with their children."

Adams, who wrote the book, Debt Sucks: Everyone's Guide To Winning With Money So They Can Live Their Dreams, shared three tips that will help mommies-to-be get prepared for their bundle of joy.

1. Have a diaper party

Whether this is child #1 or child #4 a diaper party is a must so that you can save future money.

"Diapers are an expensive item that can last two years or until a child is potty trained. You may be thinking what about clothes! A pack of diapers is around $10 or more, but right now at Target you can get four shirts for your baby for $10," explained Adams.

Diapers are more expensive than clothes. Make sure people bring all sizes to your diaper party so you don't have to buy diapers for months.

2. Save everything

If you're having your first child and plan on having another one, make sure you save everything from this child. Clothes, bottles, bibs, shoes and everything else!

"This will make sure you have no clothes to buy if the second child is of the same gender. Even if a different gender socks, some shoes, bibs, bottles and supplies can still be used to save money.

3. Preschool to college

Do you plan on having two children in preschool and eventually in college at the same time? If so, what does that cost look like?

"My children were five years apart so I didn't have two preschool bills and I won't have two college bills at the same time, but if you will have two children in college at the same time now is the time to start planning out your college savings," said Adams.

In short, Adams says, moms and dads need to find ways to save pennies for college even before the baby arrives.

"This is an exciting time, but also use this time of quietness to plan the financial future of your child or children," said Adams.

You can get more tips from Ja'Net Adams online, by clicking here.