GREENSBORO, N.C. -- You know the saying: 'Get your money right!'  Well this is the perfect time to do it!  April is Financial Literacy Month.  

WFMY News 2's Debt Expert Ja'Net Adams wants to help put financial-power back into your hands.  She's sharing three essential money tips to help you take control of your finances.

"I'm going to share three tips to get you started, but if you don't take action on these tips then they're useless," explained Adams.

Adams, who wrote the book, Debt Sucks: Everyone's Guide To Winning With Money So They Can Live Their Dreams breaks it down like this:

1. Open up a savings account:

You may be thinking I already have a savings account. That may be true, but how easy is it for you to withdraw money? If it does not take you two steps or more to get money out then you will be tempted to drain your savings instead of growing it.

2. Find out who you owe money to:

Open up those envelopes and emails from creditors and see the exact amount you owe other people. Even look at your free credit report to make sure there are not any mistakes on it.

3. Make a list of ways to bring in extra money:
Sit in a quiet place with a pen and paper and write down different ways you can make some money. Selling stuff on eBay, yard sales, baking cakes, selling a service, etc. 
This list is short because I want you to take action this week! When you complete these three steps your Financial Literacy Month is well on its way to being a complete success!
Ja'Net Adams is sharing tips just like these during Financial Literacy Month on her website and social media sites.  You can connect with her as well by clicking here.

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