GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Think about it: a family that saves together stays together.

If you're trying to make your budget stretch, everyone in the house needs to be on board, kids included! Keyword kids! That's where our money expert Ja'Net Adams comes in.

Adams wrote the book, "Debt Sucks: Everyone's Guide To Winning With Money So They Can Live Their Dreams." She says getting your kids on board with saving money actually starts with you.

Adams offers these three money lessons to teach your kids.

"If you as a parent are trying to get out of debt or save money the first step you have to take to get your kid involved starts with you," explained Adams. "If you find yourself giving in to your child or teenager whenever they get upset about a change in the household that has to stop when it comes to the household finances. Going forward if you need to change to basic cable in order to save money and they get upset you have to keep moving forward and realize that you are taking steps for a better future and that child's anger can only last so long."

You also have to practice what you preach:

"If you want small children to save more money, let them see you pick up a penny off the ground and put it in your pocket. If they ask you why you picked that penny up tell them pennies make dollars! This can be their first lesson in saving. You would be surprised how much children can save if you just show them how. My four year old has almost saved $200 without trying and without any help from my husband and I."

And make sure you let them know saving money has its benefits. There's something for them!

"Many have heard me talk about the "Dream Sheet" before where you put down your short, intermediate, and long term dreams onto a piece of paper. Everyone in the family even a 4yr old should have a dream on the dream sheet," said Adams. "Let them put that dream of having their own used car when they get their license on the dream sheet and you will get all the cooperation you will ever need. They may even get a part time job and save for it themselves!"

Parents know, if a child wants something, they'll work really hard to get it! Get kids excited about the benefits of saving by providing an opportunity to save for the things that they really want.

You can get more tips from Ja'Net Adams on her website by clicking here.

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