September is self-improvement month and we’re talking about what you can do to improve yourself. When we think about self-improvement, we tend to think about getting things done, losing weight, making smarter decisions. One thing that tends to get overlooked is being nice. And not to other people.

You’ve heard the saying that “you’re your worst critic”. I know it’s true for me. And I hear the self-criticism from friends and coaching clients. You want to do your best, be your best, show your best. I get it.

Being your best isn’t a straight path. There are struggles, delays and defeats on your way to personal greatness. What’s interesting to me, I hear compassion and kindness for other people, and I hear so many talk harshly about themselves.
To improve your value to yourself, I say you have to be kinder to yourself.

Here are 3 tips to do just that.

1) When you’re having a hard time, look at a situation for what it is. Realize that it’s not a reflection of what you’re not. When you separate yourself from the problem then it’s easier for you to be objective. Solutions might come to you faster because you’re focusing on the problem.

2) Stop picking yourself apart. Stop examining every little thing that you do wrong. Show yourself kindness by finding things that you’re doing right. Acknowledge the steps that you’re making to reach your goal, strengthen a relationship or release a bad habit.

3) Show yourself kindness by respecting yourself. You respect yourself by teaching others how to treat you. Not allowing others to be criticize or disparage you.

By being kind to yourself, you’ll accept yourself completely – imperfections and all.