Here's a startling statistic, ID thieves say they find 56% of their victims in the trash! So if you thought nobody was sniffing around your trash can – you're wrong!

Our local BBB is one organization that hears a lot about id theft. Lechelle Yates is here to talk about ways we can protect ourselves.

Everyone thought the chips in our credit and debit cards would make us safer – and chips have kept thieves from cloning our cards. So instead thieves have turned to ordering more stuff online in someone else's name because all they need is the card number, not the card itself.

One way the fraudster can get your card number is right out of the trash. You might cut up the card once or twice but that's not stopping thieves.So instead experts say you should cut them multiple times – horizontally and vertically. And to remember to cut up the signature too.

These strips and chips also have a lot of data on them so after you cut up the card, take a really strong magnet, swipe it over the strip and chip to scramble the data. And then you want to put all these pieces in different trash cans around the house!

Thieves can also just get your personal information and open accounts in your name because you don't shred your documents or don't use the right kind of shredder. There are various kinds shredders you can buy that all do the job a little differently.

The really old kind of shredder that just cuts stuff into strips. Believe it or not, thieves will take the time to put that puzzle together. And you probably know about the cross cut shredders that cut those strips into much smaller pieces.

And then there's the micro-cut shredder, those are confetti like pieces.Those micro cut shredders are a little slower, but just imagine how hard it would be to put this document together!