GREENSBORO, NC -- This week, the Good Morning Show crew took a trip to Egypt, without even leaving the Triad!

You can find all the sites, smells and flavors of Egypt in downtown Greensboro.

Sam and Samah Helmi recently opened "Koshary" at 200 South Elm Street in Greensboro.

On Wednesday, they made their signature "Koshary" dish in the WFMY News 2 Kitchen.

According to Helmi, Koshary is the most common and traditional dish you can buy in Egypt.

The 100 perfect vegan/vegetarian meal has seven ingredients:



Egyptian rice and lentils

Vermicelli noodles

Crispy fried onion

Special tomato-based sauce

Helmi also showed the crew their signature vegetable and dessert trays, which are both popular among patrons.

For Koshary's hours and menu, you can visit their Facebook page.